Why Consider Christian SRE?

  • To form a personal moral & ethical framework

    Christian SRE helps form a personal moral & ethical framework

    Christian SRE can be invaluable in the process of shaping a child’s ethical and moral framework, and helping them make sense of the world. Alongside the school’s teaching on values and acceptable social behaviour, Christian SRE offers a biblical worldview that teaches genuine tolerance and a moral framework to guide decisions in every area of their life.

  • To nurture the spiritual side

    Christian SRE helps nurture the spiritual wellbeing of children

    The NSW Department of Education recognises that spiritual wellbeing plays an important role in successful learning. Your child’s spiritual wellbeing will benefit from positive connections with religion and community through their SRE teacher, and from faith education that helps to nurture their sense of meaning and purpose.

  • To give informed answers to spiritual questions

    Christian SRE gives informed answers to spiritual questions

    Who made God? Who wrote the Bible? Will my pet go to heaven? These are heartfelt questions that require informed and sensitive answers. Within the Christian SRE class, questions such as these are answered from the Bible. You can be confident that the answers to your child’s questions are not simply plucked out of the air, and that their natural spiritual curiosity is nurtured at an age-appropriate level.

  • To Broaden Education

    Christian SRE broadens education

    On a purely practical level, an understanding of the Bible and Christian thinking is vital in our culture. Many common sayings originate from the Bible: charitable acts performed by ‘good Samaritans’, the underdog who wins a ‘David and Goliath’ contest. What does this mean? A former Prime Minister once referred to ‘Truth’ and ‘Gospel truth’. What’s the gospel, and what does it have to do with truth? The Christian heritage of our nation’s legal system, moral framework and culture is very strong and Christian SRE will help your child in understanding their cultural context and language.

  • To give an avenue to pastoral care

    Christian SRE gives an avenue to pastoral care

    Schools work hard to appropriately support students in times of difficulty or through challenging personal situations. Christian SRE can add another dimension by assuring the child of God’s love and faithfulness, and by teaching them how to pray. In SRE the child will develop a relationship with their teacher that can provide encouragement and pastoral care.