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Who is 'Why SRE?'

‘Why SRE?’ is a resource for parents produced by the Youthworks SRE Office, the approved provider of SRE for the Sydney Anglican Diocese. The SRE Office trains and accredits Anglican SRE teachers throughout greater Sydney and many places beyond, and is the largest provider of SRE curriculum in Australia.

Our curricula, including Connect and Think Faith, are published through Christian Education Publications (CEP), another division of Youthworks. CEP has over 90 years’ experience in providing schools and churches with quality Bible-based educational resources to teach and nurture the faith of young people.

Anglican Education Policy

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney welcomes the opportunity afforded to it and other religious persuasions to deliver quality Special Religious Education in Government primary and secondary schools, to students whose parents identify with the faith or have expressed a desire for their child to receive a Christian faith education. The Diocese acknowledges that the purpose for which access is provided is to deliver well thought-out Bible-based educational programs using contemporary teaching methods and suited to the appropriate stage of students’ faith and educational development.

The Diocese, as the officially approved provider, is required to ensure in writing that the procedures for selection, authorisation and training of SRE teachers are in place and being implemented.

It is the expectation of the NSW Department of Education that the time allocated to SRE is used for educational purposes and that those authorised to teach on behalf of a particular religious persuasion use the curriculum approved by their respective religious persuasion. The curriculum and resources approved by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney are CEP (Christian Education Publications).

Christian SRE teachers are expected to teach positively, present the Christian message with love, and use language that children understand, act with integrity and respect the rights of students to make informed choices without any pressure for commitment. Likewise, students in Christian SRE classes are not proselytised to change their religious affiliation to join another religious persuasion, such as ‘Anglican’ or ‘Presbyterian’.

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Many I know have had their lives changed for the better later on in life because of the influence of what they learned in scripture in primary school. My brother-in-law, for instance, was once a drug addict. He told me how empty his life felt and he remembered some of the things his scripture teacher taught him in primary school. So he went to a church one day and had a life changing encounter. He has never taken drugs since then, got married has a good career and a 7 month old daughter. His life is now headed in a totally different direction than what it would have. And his story is just one of many many more.