Lesson Content

Since no two classes are ever the same, teachers are encouraged to adapt the lesson to the learning needs of their students.

What you will find in each Connect lesson (primary school)

In each lesson, teachers are guided by a Teacher’s Manual which outlines each component of the curriculum with detailed lesson aim and outcomes, Bible content, and how the lesson fits together in the overall program.

Each lesson presents a different passage from the Bible and explores the implications it presents for students’ lives.

Teachers make use of large, beautifully illustrated visual aids or powerpoints designed to depict the Bible characters, events, timelines, and family trees relevant to each lesson.

Music, drama and video is a big part of Connect lessons, used to engage students and help them process the key themes and concepts in the lesson.

An integral part of each lesson is the student activity book which has engaging activities that are appropriate for the stage of development of the students. Designed in full colour, the student activity book is packed with activities, maps, charts, diagrams, puzzles , song words and timelines to help students connect their life and learning.

Sample Lessons

Click the links below to view sample lessons from the primary school student workbooks:

Beginning with God


Big Questions


What you will find in each Think Faith lesson (high school)

Think Faith is built on units of work, with four units of 8 lessons each per year. Each lesson contains a number of teaching and learning activities that have been designed to engage students in an age-appropriate way. As teachers prepare for their class, they may choose to substitute or modify an activity to better suit the learning needs of their students.

Teaching and learning activities may include engaging, instructing, investigating, conversing, reinforcing, applying or reflecting on what has been learnt.

You can learn more about Think Faith by clicking here.

I had a boy in my year 1 SRE scripture class who was very sick with cancer. Most of the children in the class told me that they were friends with God (Christian). The class became a very kind, thoughtful, cohesive group through learning to care for their classmate who died later during the year. The class found SRE was a very helpful, safe place to work through various issues that they were struggling with.