SRE Complaints

Complaints procedures

The SRE Complaints Handling Policy outlines the current procedures when a complaint is made against SRE organised by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. This includes complaints made against Anglican Authorised SRE teachers or helpers, the Anglican authorised curriculum or SRE coordination. Please contact the Anglican SRE Office if you have any questions.


Many I know have had their lives changed for the better later on in life because of the influence of what they learned in scripture in primary school. My brother-in-law, for instance, was once a drug addict. He told me how empty his life felt and he remembered some of the things his scripture teacher taught him in primary school. So he went to a church one day and had a life changing encounter. He has never taken drugs since then, got married has a good career and a 7 month old daughter. His life is now headed in a totally different direction than what it would have. And his story is just one of many many more.